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More than sixty million Americans visited spas last year seeking relief and relaxation. Of course, that’s nothing new. Ancient civilizations began the practice of healing waters and natural baths thousands of years ago. But today’s spas have taken the experience to the nth degree.
Visit one of the spas in this book and leave behind your hectic schedule, your social commitments, your BlackBerry and your cell. Lose yourself in utter indulgence and find yourself in renewed balance. Temples of healing and wellness, spas are tranquil sanctuaries designed to pamper mind, body and spirit.

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Resort Spas

Many of the luxury resorts in this book have made their spas the focal point of the resort experience. More than just places for a massage or facial, the resort spas are based on a philosophy of combining blissful, beautifying emollients in treatments that restore and refresh.

Destination Spas

The destination spas on this site offer you the chance to change the way you live your life. They encourage guests to develop healthy lifestyle habits encompassing nutrition, fitness, coping skills and spiritual vitality. Many are comprised of 3-day, 4-day or weeklong, goal-oriented retreats with specific regimens.

Hotel Spas

The hotel spas featured in this guidebook are oases of sophistication in the heart of a city environment. They offer all the amenities and services you’d expect from a fine hotel plus a luxurious spa facility.

Wellness Spas

The philosophies of wellness spas are based on the principles and practices of holistic and alternative medicine. They combine the best of western medicine with the natural healing traditions of the East and provide you with tools to enhance your longevity and health while increasing personal balance and fulfillment.