Practical Details When You Spa

Practical Details When You Spa

A spa state of mind

Welcome to a whole world dedicated to your wellness. A spa vacation has many benefits other than the obvious. It’s more than just a relaxing diversion, it’s a journey of well-being that provides an escape from all aspects of daily life. You’ll be coddled and pampered, stroked and restored. Your face will look brighter, your body more toned. By the time your spa journey has ended, you’ll feel a new stamina has been awakened. Your step might be a little bouncier, your confidence that much higher. Perhaps a smile will come more quickly to your face. Somehow, you’ll have changed. Don’t let that feeling pass. Take the new you home and nurture it. Keep the spa state of mind with you and don’t be surprised if you experience a recharged commitment to health and beauty, a promise to take better care of your “equipment.”

When should I arrive?

Arrive early and plan to spend the day. The whole point is to slow down and decompress for awhile. And there’s no better place for that than a spa environment. Most spas suggest arriving thirty to forty-five minutes prior to your first treatment. This is definitely an added benefit to you. By arriving early, you’ll be able to check in, relax and fully enjoy your spa adventure. You’ll have time to change into a robe and slippers and relax in the steam, sauna or whirlpool prior to your appointment. These quiet, tranquil areas offer precious time for introspection and a chance to unwind. In addition to the pleasantries of the experience, the enveloping heat will warm your muscles, making them more relaxed and pliable. By the time your therapist comes to get you, you’ll be in the mood for some blissful pampering.

What should I bring?

A robe, spa sandals and a private locker for your personal belongings will be provided. Towels are aplenty. Amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair dryers, combs and other grooming aids can be found in the locker/dressing room areas. These rooms have separate sections for men and women including private bathroom facilities. Some resorts also have co-ed rooms. Since the very core of a spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation, you are asked to respect everyone’s right to privacy and quietude. No cell phones or pagers please. Spas also recommend that you do not bring jewelry or other valuables with you.

How should I dress?

Comfort is the key word so wear loose fitting clothing and sandals. If you intend to use the fitness studio or take a yoga, tai chi or Pilates class for example, appropriate attire is required including athletic shoes. If you plan to use the swimming pool, bring a bathing suit as well.

What if I’m pregnant or have a medical condition?

Many treatments are available for the mother-to- be. The spa’s well-trained staff will advise you on which treatments are appropriate, which are not. Inform the staff when you make your reservations or when you arrive if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, allergies or other conditions that may impact your therapies.

What can I expect once I’m in my treatment room?

Spa therapists have been trained to respect the privacy of guests. You will always be given time to undress and slip under the sheet that will cover you during your session. During each treatment, the areas of the body not involved will be artfully draped. If you’re particularly modest, the choice of wearing underwear is up to you. Remember too, this is your time, you’re the pamperee, your therapist is the pamperer.

If the room is too warm, too cool, if you’d prefer different music or no music at all, say something. If your therapist’s touch is too rough or too light, make your wishes known and adjustments will be made.

What happens when my treatment has ended?

When your session is completed, your therapist will gently rouse you if you’ve fallen asleep. You’ll then be left alone and given time to awaken, stretch and slip into your robe before being escorted to the lounge or bathing area. Since the staff at the reception desk has a schedule of your appointments, when the time draws near for your next treatment, a therapist will find you and once again you’ll be taken to the appropriate room or spa area. When your appointments for the day are completed, don’t rush away. Extend this blissful time and use the spa facilities for as long as you like.

Is gratuity included in the price?

Spas vary in their policy; some leave the choice entirely up to you while others add a gratuity or resort fee for spa services. If one has not been added and you would like to leave a gratuity, 15% to 20% of the cost of the treatment is the average. You can tip the practitioner directly or have it added to your room bill.

What about cancellation policies?

Times vary between spas but most require anywhere from four to twenty-four hours cancellation notice before your scheduled appointment to avoid a service charge. At the time you schedule your treatments, inquire about individual policies.

Are there restrictions?

Most spas require that guests be at least sixteen years of age, although some have set the age requirement at eighteen.