How to Make a Spa Treatment Romantic

Romance is as varied as the people who fall in love. What conjures feelings of affection for some may seem trivial and have no effect on others. So, what better way to cater to the many variations of romance than with a customized spa experience. “A treatment becomes romantic when it is tailored toward the couple experiencing it together,” says Joyce Owens, spa director at The Omni Homestead Resort (Hot Springs, VA). “It allows for couples to strengthen their connection with one another while strengthening themselves.” Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I asked spa directors to share how they make spa treatments extra romantic. Here’s what they say tips a treatment into the relaxing realm of romance.

To make treatments romantic requires engaging the senses in a manner that promotes those loving feelings. Small details like lighting levels, candles, scents, and oils make a big difference. The key component of any romantic spa treatment is recognizing what the consumer wants in a romantic experience. They want an experience that enhances their connection. It is key to provide a calm and private atmosphere and most importantly, to communicate with the couple as “one.”— Maureen Vipperman, director of spa operations, Sandpearl Resort (Clearwater Beach, FL)

The key component for a romantic spa experience is the gift of time. Time is the most valuable gift people can give each other and sharing an experience that enhances wellness and wellbeing is a great way to heighten the romance. For the majority of our Couples Suite Experiences we typically recommend our Time Rituals, which encourage guests to book time rather than specific treatments, so that services can be tailor-made to meet individual needs. —Virginia Lara, director of spa, Mandarin Oriental, Boston

We are finding the intention of the clients will add more romance to the spa experience.  We have more candles in the couples’ treatment rooms, and we are now also serving  Allure Crystal Gem Water (Garnet and Clear Quartz) perfect for  lovers as red garnet is described the symbol for sensuality and passion. During Valentine’s Day, we are serving Cupids Kiss Gem Water, in the Ladies lounge. Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone of love and sensuality, it is also used  to release emotional wounds and balance emotions.—Tricia Avery, spa director, M Spa at Madeline Hotel and Residences (Telluride, CO)

A romantic treatment places emphasis on the couple’s needs and highlights the unity between partners, while a traditional service is focused on individual needs.— Wendi Gelfound, PR director, Sunrise Springs Spa Resort (Santa Fe, NM)

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